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LiveGig is a live music video community, connecting musicians with viewers for a interactive experience

With LiveGig You can live stream your shows right over the internet bringing life to music like never before. LiveGig is a live video music community that connects musicians right to their friends, family and fans performing live! LiveGig allows them to watch & chat with anyone, from virtually anywhere. There is immediate engagement and immediate feedback. No longer do you have to sit and wait for record sales or music downloads to tell you how you are doing. Your fans will do the talking through the power of the internet.

Best of all, musicians get financial support directly from their fans without the interference and limitations of traditional record labels. Your fans will simply click on the donation button located on your channel to make a donation and those donations go directly to that artist or group. Musicians are being rewarded for their work by the fans who love them! The internet has changed everything including the world of music. LiveGig puts the power of the internet and all its real-time benefits into the hands of the fans. They have the power to influence music today, tomorrow and into the future!

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